Brown Women Drive Themselves Crazy

I woke this morning to something truly exceptional. It was a post shared by an activist from Buzzfeed News. Buzzfeed is a site most of us avoid, of course, and I am no different. I am proud to say that the post in question was the first of its kind for at least two years to come down my Facebook feed. It is an article subtly named “White Women Drive Me Crazy-White women are so dangerous because they’re allowed to be so soft — innocent until proven innocent. ” by writer Aisha Mirza. The activist who posted it was bothered by it, and the title caught my eye. So, damn me, I clicked on it.

And so, after reading, I started this blog up, from the ashes of my Tumblr, a leftover from the early days of this new white identity movement, when I thought internet activism worked…and when it possibly did, in a limited way.

I could have just continued my morning of browsing the Prikosnovenie and looking after the kids and wife during this recent viral outbreak.(I am never lucky enough to get this on weekends, likely I will be sick at work again.) That would be the morning I would have preferred. Yet, there I was, trawling through another tome of brown calumny. A tale about a brown woman who apparently stepped on a white woman’s yoga mat, and received a reproachful look that set our journalist Aisha on a quest to explain how white alienation has apparently made her feel “unclean” and the fear white women have for nonwhites is a form of predatory white supremacy.

“Stroke by stroke, they construct a type of womanhood that viciously negates the fact their bodies still function as agents of white supremacy.” Quoting the article is a study on capricious brown butthurt in general, but specifically of the journalistic kind. The thing is, this article did not move me in the way that these articles normally do. I was driven to write about this, not because the content bothered me, rather that is reflected a laze, a weakness in the narrative of anti-whiteness in wide-publishing traps such as Buzzfeed that confirmed an impression I have been getting for years- they are lost within their own rhetoric, and are spiraling into banality.

This article was full of so much bloated brownspeak that you would think it would mask the sheer neurotic paranoia and desperateness of this woman’s tryhard narrative. It has stopped doing that, though. Oh wow, a queer brown woman who apparently crushed on white girls(and apparently fucked a few in her adult life) growing up who has anecdotal evidence of mild racism of the hurt feelings variety. Let us  journey with her as she shows us how being a different race from her has made her displaced, culturally sterile, and petty. Endure the cheesy, doctored up language and learn the danger of soft, clean white women. Plot twist: she blows up at a strange white woman after fat-footing her yoga mat.

What do you see when you read articles like this? DO you see what I do? Black and brown women, in particular, seem to always prove to me the deep-rooted problems of multiculturalist society. They are so bitter, so obviously miserable with their lot in white society. They do not want to be here, among us. They are alienated by our culture, the nature of their white counterparts continuously disgusts them. The soft, subtle white woman and all her complexities raises their hackles. Have they ever met the real thing? These liberal, mid-to-high-society tarts are kind of aborted white women, really. White in subconscious nature alone, and mollified. The courtly, spiritual, idealistic women who raised us, in our deep ancestral past and in our childhoods are something else entirely. If some bambi-eyed bimbo on a yoga mat pushed this girl to write on this capricious website, what would a good, level stare from a lady like Loretia or Felicia Cline do? Southern mothers, trad pagan priestesses, and all manner of  activist women I have met over the years. Conscious, cultural white women.

Well, I would not wish that on this silly girl who write the article. She is playing a game, “oppression olympics” as coined by comedian Shoe0nHead. I live barely a few hours drive from white communities that have no air conditioning or proper plumbing, but proud all the same, and black women are online driving themselves nuts over their frustration with living in a multicultural society. Brownspeak is just the same over-saturated cheap symbolism used all over the anti-white left. They are bored, their narrative is slipping. Time for something new, with a lot more longevity. Recognize the opportunity, people, reduce this to the absurdity that we know it is.